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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Testimonial from Madel

the lovely section wer i once belongd to.. hmm.. nobody can be lovelier and livelier than this 1. where a great mix of pipol can be found.. mga tahimik, maingay, mabait, makukulit, pasaway at mga goody goody. its really a wonder how we got along with each other.

ito ang section na ever sikat. every week ata eh na ooffice ang mga guys dhl sa pag aaway (pakikipagsuntukan) which usually happens at mr. azurin's room. ohh.. how i miss the times we were together.

this section is really the best! i remember when it was music fest, halos lahat ng event sinalihan ng pipz from our section. and oohh.. we won.. we really won! and hu can ever forget the
sportsfest nung 4th year? if im gettin it ryt., hinakot ata namin panalo sa lahat ng sport event.

i personally wud lyk to thank my classmates and of course my advisers., ma'am tidor and ma'am mirabel. and our shop teacher as well, ma'am azurin. they're a part of hu i am and what ive become today...

so as the song goes, "high school lyf oh my high school lyf.." definitely unforgettable.. damn priceless!