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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Woods Foods

We belong to the section
Which everyone gives attention
'Coz we've got a collection
Of guys and gals full of attention

Guys of four-five are talented and good-looking
Girls are so intelligent, pretty and charming
We are proud of our section
Never make any sad expression

Admidst problems and sadness
We are still standing without shyness
Coz we can get over it
And find solutions that fit

Though misunderstandings occur at times
We still have time to reconcile and apologize
Because we value friendship
Which we want everyone to have

We've been through a lot of ups and downs
But never give it a big big frown
We still wear a smile on our face
Coz we don't want to give up at any case

We are like one big family
Who lives a life so happily
Wish we could be together
Always be together, longer than forever

But time will come when we will be apart
And that will leave us a broken heart
We really want to hate it
But we have to accept our fate as it is

Graduation day means goodbye
But goodbye doesn't mean forever
Coz we can still be together
Just say a little prayer

No matter what happen
Even if you give us the heaviest burden
Four-five's unity will always be the same
Four-five's harm0ny will always stay the same

We belong to the section
Which everyone gives attention
We are the four-five section
Foods-woods, the awesome section

We got looks, brains and talents
We have it all, just name it and we got it
What more can you ask for
Four-five section's what you're looking for

Look at us and you'll see
That concord and wisdom are the key
To have a section with harmony
The four-five section has the key
To the real essence of unity!!!